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At present, basic level membership to this site is the only available option, but additional choices will be offered soon.  The current price is US$4.97 per month, payable by PayPal subscription. A discount for annual payment is also available. This provides full access to the members only marketing forum and will offer greater features shortly. Your PayPal subscription will automatically process each month (or year) until cancelled. The reason for charging for this site, and mainly for forum access, is two-fold:
  1. I want to keep the forum to a high level of professionalism.  So many forums get lots of members who aren’t their to share or engage, rather they are often there just to span and otherwise cause disorder. I believe those who are serious will be willing to put some skin in the game to keep this a top value forum, and
  2. there are significant costs in running a forum such as this, not the least of which include hosting, site maintenance, moderation time, and more. I don’t want this forum to struggle or be a burden. I believe it is an important vehicle for sharing, learning, and growth.
I hope you understand and will participate in the growth and success of this site and forum. Thank you for that participation!

Subscription US$4.97 Per Month

Subscription US$47.00 Per Year

Monthly subscription payment is made through PayPal. A PayPal account is required. You can use your credit card or bank account (echeck) as alternate funding sources if you do not wish to maintain a PayPal balance. The first subscription payment will be taken today, and then each subsequent month for monthly subscriptions, or on this date each year for yearly subscriptions, until cancelled by you within your PayPal account. We do not have access to your PayPal or bank accounts, nor do we receive your credit card information. Your transaction with PayPal is safe and secure. Please note: due to the nature of your access, refunds are not available.

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